For looking awesome and fabulous like a celebrity, you don’t always have to have a great bank balance. Of course one can have a dynamic and rocking look with a minimal amount. It all depends on how cleverly you deal your life. Either you can buy ten products of no advantage or go for two products of extremely good quality that will be used the most.
Greater personalities to Follow:
If you read biographies of great figures like Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, and Johanson you will be surprised rather shocked to find out that they get their beauty products from household items.
Tips to follow
1. Hair tips
2. Hand and feet tips
3. Nail tips
4. Black elbow spots remover
5. Blackhead removing
6. Getting white teeth.
7. Wash your makeup

How can you follow these? Read below to find out:
1) Hair tips
Sienna used mayonnaise at her hair tips before applying shampoo to get her hair secured from devastating chemical effects of shampoo.
Apart from this, a number of other things can be done. Like a combination of egg and mashed banana on your head and leave it for 30 minutes. It gives better effects than any highly coasted conditioner.
2) Manicure and Pedicure
Use nature ways for manicure and pedicure. Instead of going to parlors and wasting a hell lot of money, get it done at home.
• Take a bowl filled with warm water and add a tablespoon of salt and shampoo.
• Apply Vaseline/ petroleum gel and dip your hands and feet for fifteen minutes and see rocking effects.
It not only gives you beautiful hands and feet but also helps you to relieve pain.
3) Nail tips
Every woman loves nails and to get best nails just apply olive oil for five minutes only and see the result.
4) Black elbow spots remover
To get rid of black elbow and knee just rub an orange or lemon and get rid of black spots.
5) Blackheads removing
• Take any available cream and rub through from top to bottom at your nose for three to four minutes only.
• Take cotton dipped in warm water and remove it smoothly from your nose.
This way all the blackheads will be removed.
6) Getting white teeth
If your smile is not pretty your cannot be pretty at all. Your teeth should be white and neat. Remember to brush your teeth thrice a day for at least three minutes very slowly. Apply a very little lemon and baking powder which will help you to remove the yellow material and plaque.
7) Wash your makeup
Remember you have to wash your makeup thoroughly, and if you don’t make it a habit, you will destroy your skin. You can apply available removing things or rose water or flour or any other natural remedy to wash your face.

Note: No solution can be done in fractions of seconds, and everything takes time. Just relax and give yourself some time. Just remember you are beautiful in your own special way. A little amount of healthy food, exercise, and water intake can help you to look refreshed.

Affordable Beauty Techniques From Celebrities